NTFS Permissions Reporter

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Report the NTFS Permissions of Folders and Shares

FolderSecurityViewer is an easy-to-use NTFS permissions reporter to get all effective security owners of your data.

  • Are you sure your data is secure?
  • Do you know who has access to your data?
  • Are you able to easily analyze NTFS permissions of your data?
  • Do you know the effective NTFS permissions owner of your data?

Modern operating systems enable employees to access data and documents in a variety of ways, no matter where they are.

But do you know who can access a specific folder or Windows share?

Not having a clear understanding about the people who can access your sensitive data may give you uneasy sleep at night.

For this reason, we have developed a NTFS permissions reporter called FolderSecurityViewer.

Out tool can analyze NTFS permissions of specific folders to give you an overview of the following security settings:

  • Active Directory users and groups that can access your data
  • Detailed NTFS permissions of the current folder
  • Differences in NTFS permissions between the current folder and its lower folder hierarchy
After analyzing the NTFS permissions you will get a nice formatted NTFS permissions report in Microsoft Excel or HTML.

The Key Features of FolderSecurityViewer

Analyze NTFS Permissions and Report them

See all NTFS permissions a user has for a folder and why

Compare folders to find differences

FolderSecurityViewer is an easy to use NTFS permissions reporter to get all effective security owners of your data.

  • Analyze NTFS permissions of any folder in your Windows Server environment - both local or remote
  • Report NTFS permissions in a nicely formatted Excel sheet or HTML report
  • Analyze Active Directory nested groups to get all effective NTFS permissions owner
  • Report effective NTFS permissions owner to the owner of the data

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