Features of our NTFS Permissions Reporter

The Free Edition of FolderSecurityViewer is 100% free.
This free tool provides all needed features to analyze and report NTFS permissions.
For more advanced usage scenarios, we offer a Company Edition.
Check the comparison of the two Editions below!

Permissions Report

Analyze Security Settings

Analyze NTFS permissions
of a Windows folder or share.

List Users and Groups

See all effective NTFS permissions a user has for a folder and why (group membership or direct assignment).

Compare Folders

Find differences in permissions between the current folder and its lower folder hierarchy.

Document all Trustees

Examine the domain groups and their nested groups to get all effective NTFS permissions owner.

Active Directory User

Configure all wanted properties
of an Active Directory user.

Exclude any Security Group

No need to get the names of known accounts.
Just exclude unwanted groups.

Translate Access Control Entries

No need to read the pure ACEs. Most of them are already translated for you.

Exclude Built-In Groups

All built-in groups of an domain are already preloaded in the configuration.

View ACL

Want pure NTFS permissions? Just enable the ACL view to examine all Access Control Entries.

Save and Load Reports

Save any report to load it again at a
later time for deeper analysis.

Report Comparer

Compare any saved report
and show the differences.

User Permissions Report

Analyze Folder Hierarchy

Select a share or a folder to generate
a User Permissions report of it.

Active Directory

Use our Active Directory Browser to select a user to analyze.

Analyze Permissions of User

List the effective NTFS permissions in folder hierarchy of selected folder of that user.

Share Report

Scan Network for Servers

Browse your network to
enumerate all servers providing share services.

Select Computers from AD

Select Computer Accounts from
Active Directory to scan for shares.

List Shares

Lists all shares of a server.

Show Details

Lists all details about a share
and the assigned share permissions.

Permissions Report

Select a share to generate
a Permissions report of it.

Folder Report

Analyze Folders

List all sub-folders with owner,
size and file count.

Configure Report

Configure what informations
you need for your report.

Owner Report

Analyze Owners

List all folders with a specific owner set.

Active Directory

Use our Active Directory Browser to select a user.

General Features

Export Report

Export your reports to Excel, CSV or HTML.

Ad Group Browser

Show group members (direct and nested)
directly in your reports.


Enable logging to get a detailed
overview of all internal processes.

Command-Line Interface

Generate scheduled Reports using our CLI and Windows Scheduler

External Database

Configure an external database
(MS SQL Server) to share saved reports
with other users.