Configure Active Directory User Properties

How to configure which properties of an Active Directory user object to display in the list of trustees

  • Open Settings and locate the Configuration tab.
  • Within the section Shown Active Directory User Properties, you can select up to seven user properties.
  • You can customize the display name of each column header.
  • You can select any of these seven properties to be shown in the list of trustees.
  • By default, the following user properties are displayed:
    • sAMAccountName
    • givenName
    • sn
    • mail
    • department
    • division
    • Domain
  • Double-click a table cell of any of the first six properties to make any changes.
  • Finally, click Save in the Settings window to apply the changes you made.
  • In case you have misspelled a property name, an appropriate error is shown in the list of trustees.