Configure Active Directory User Properties

How to configure which properties of an Active Directory user object to display in the list of trustees

  1. Open Settings and locate the Configuration tab.
  2. Within the section Shown Active Directory User Properties, you can select up to seven user properties.
  3. You can customize the display name of each column header.
  4. You can select any of these seven properties to be shown in the list of trustees.
  5. By default, the following user properties are displayed:
    1. sAMAccountName
    2. givenName
    3. sn
    4. mail
    5. department
    6. division
    7. Domain
  6. In case you have misspelled a property name, an appropriate error is shown in the list of trustees.
  7. Finally, click Save in the Settings window to apply the changes you made.
  8. Double-click a table cell of any of the first six properties to make any changes.
Last updated byCarsten on April 11, 2020