Exclude Active Directory Groups

Describes how to configure which Active Directory groups to exclude from scanning

  1. Open Settings and locate the Configuration tab.
  2. Within the section Excluded Active Directory Groups, you can list the groups you wish to exclude.
  3. To add an entry, double-click the last cell in the Group Name column.
  4. To edit an entry, double-click on any of its cells.
  5. You can use an Active Directory browser to search for groups in your environment:
    1. Click on Search in Active Directory to open the embedded Active Directory browser.
    2. Type in a name. Note that the wildcard * can be used.
    3. Click on Search to list all matching groups below.
    4. Select a list entry and click Add to exclude the corresponding group.
    5. All groups you have selected are shown in the exclusion list.
  6. Finally, click Save in the Settings window to apply the changes you made.
Last updated byCarsten on April 11, 2020