Translate Permission Entries

Describes how to add translation items for permission entries

  1. Open Settings and locate the Configuration tab.
  2. Within the section Translations for Permission Entries, you will find a pre-configured list of translation items.
    1. This list already contains the standard NTFS rights Read, Change, and Full Control
    2. and a list of some common NTFS permissions.
  3. To modify the entries:
    1. To add an entry, click on Add.
    2. To edit an entry, double-click it or select the entry and click on Edit.
    3. To remove an entry, select it and click on Delete.
  4. A permission set consists of the following properties:
    1. Set Name: Choose the name for the given combination of permission items in an Access Control Entry (ACE).
    2. Access Control Type: Choose Allow or Deny.
    3. Permissions: Choose a combination of possible permissions.
    4. Inheritance: Choose a combination of possible inheritance flags.
  5. Finally, click Save in the Settings window to apply the changes you made.
  6. For new entries, you can inspect the folder of interest using the Access Control List tab.
Last updated byCarsten on April 11, 2020