Translate Permission Entries

Describes how to add translation items for permission entries

  • Open Settings and locate the Configuration tab.
  • Within the section Translations for Permission Entries, you will find a pre-configured list of translation items.
    • This list already contains the standard NTFS rights Read, Change, and Full Control
    • and a list of some common NTFS permissions.
  • To add an entry, click on Add.
  • To edit an entry, double-click it or select the entry and click on Edit.
  • To remove an entry, select it and click on Delete.
  • A permission set consists of the following properties:
    • Set Name: Choose the name for the given combination of permission items in an Access Control Entry (ACE).
    • Access Control Type: Choose Allow or Deny.
    • Permissions: Choose a combination of possible permissions.
    • Inheritance: Choose a combination of possible inheritance flags.
  • Finally, click Save in the Settings window to apply the changes you made.
  • For new entries, you can inspect the folder of interest using the Access Control List tab.