For Windows Administrators only:

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Managing Data Access on Windows Fileservers

Learn how to easy manage data access on Windows fileservers without security problems.

  • No more unclear permission assignments
  • No more unsafe data
  • No more security audits that bother you anymore
  • No more unauthorized access to sensitive data
  • No more security leaks
  • No more time consuming daily operations

My course will help you to:

  • How to manage your daily operations on Windows shares and folders, so you always have a clear understanding what to do
  • How to organize your folders, so you are always prepared for any enhancements and changes
  • How to save time and stress less, so you will have more time for more interesting tasks
  • How to prepare for your next security audit, so you will always stay calm and relaxed
  • How to pass your audit without worrying, so your boss will always believe in you
  • How to secure your clients’ data, so they never get pwned
  • How to always feel good about your data security for all users, so you will get a good night’s sleep

Dear Fellow Windows Admin,

I have worked for the biggest names in German industry as a high paid Windows consultant. I have found out that many Windows environments have huge security problems.

Companies often fail to plan, build and operate a secure Windows folder structure. The reasons are:

  • Too little time
  • Too little knowledge
  • Too much work

For this reason, I have created an expert course for Windows Administrators.

This course will help you to administer data access to shares and folders.