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For Windows Administrators only:

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NTFS Tutorial


NTFS Tutorial

Learn anything about
NTFS Permissions, Share Permissions,
and how to use them.

  • Folder Permissions
  • File Permissions
  • Special Permissions
  • Permissions Inheritance
  • Effective Access
  • Share Permissions
  • Combine Folder and Share Permissions

Understand all kind of permissions

  • What happens when combining Folder, File, and Share Permissions?

How to set any kind of permissions and how to block inheritance

  • What permissions take effect?

Understand what happens when copying or moving data

  • What happens with their permission?

Dear Fellow Windows Admin,

I have worked for the biggest names in German industry as a high paid Windows consultant. I have found out that many Windows environments have huge security problems.

Companies often fail to secure their client's data and operate a secure Windows folder structure. The reasons are:

  • Lack of understanding of all permissions types
  • Lack of understanding how to use all kind of permissions
  • Lack of understanding when combining all kind of permissions
  • Lack of best practices when using permissions

For this reason, I have created an expert course for Windows Administrators. This course will help you to setup and to operate a secure share and folder structure.

Learn anything about NTFS and Share Permissions: