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What They’re Saying

I've tried several tools but none of them convinced me like this tool. It's very easy to use and super fast. It's not just a list with all users and the rights granted to them for the folders - there is also a column where you can see in what group these users are. All relevant data needed is listed perfectly in the excel-export with just two clicks. And the best: it's a one time payment … I recommend this tool to every single IT-administrator who wants to get a quick and helpful overview to the access rights granted for their infrastructure!

P. Gaicher, IT Engineer, PAYER International Technologies GmbH

We like the simplicity of FolderSecurityViewer when verifying and troubleshooting file permissions.

A. Franklin, Network Systems Administrator, Bergstrom Inc.

It is a very easy-to-use tool that already helped me in several projects to find out some security leaks. No need for lenghty installation and configuration. Install and run. Its learning curve is very flat and the insights are very helpful.

M. Zeyer, IT Senior Consultant, DST consulting

We have already worked with FolderSecurityViewer in some IT projects of our customers. The primary goals were migration and consolidation of servers in Windows Server environments. 2 Years ago we needed to analyze many shares and folders at our client's site. We checked out a trial of this tool and found out, that it can help us now and in other customer projects, too. So we introduced this tool at several sites in the past, and it helped a lot to gain security insights in Windows environments.

B. Slegel, Director CODE3

NTFS rights on group shares can get messy over time - especially in enterprise environments with long-term projects and dynamic teams. Whether preparing for an infosec audit, striving for compliance to upcoming GDPR or just cleaning up access rights: FolderSecurityViewer is my one-stop solution.

M. Schommer, Security Expert