How to use FolderSecurityViewer

Home Screen

What Report do you Need?

  • The Home Screen offers a convenient way to generate any kind of report.
  • You can also view any saved Permissions Report or User Permissions Report.
  • You can either start the Folder Browser or the AD Browser right off from this screen.
  • You can further manage your Templates, a quick way for users to generate any kind of report by just clicking a predefined configuration.

Direct Access to a Folder

  • You can start the Folder Browser directly from the Home Screen.
  • The Folder Browser allows you to either walk through any mapped drive of your machine,
  • or entering any UNC path of a remote machine to walk trough the folders.
  • From the context menu of any folder you'll have a couple of options:
      Use context menu to start a report or get direct access
    • Generate a Permissions Report.
    • Generate a Folder Report.
    • Show all saved Permissions Reports of this folder.
    • Show the properties of this folder by native Windows' Explorer.
    • Opens Windows Explorer.
    • Open Command Line Interface
    • Copies the path to clipboard.

Direct Access to Active Directory

  • You can start the AD Browser directly from the Home Screen.
  • The AD Browser allows you to walk through your OU structure.
  • The entries are already filtered to User and Group objects.
  • For Group objects you can use the context menu to view the members of this group.
  • Click on Show Group Members to see all group members.
  • Any entry of type Group can be double-clicked to view its members.
  • Using the arrow at top right corner brings you back to members list of previous group.