How to use FolderSecurityViewer

Share Report

What is a Share Report?

  • In this report you can scan the network for all servers, add server manually or select Computer Accounts from Active Directory.
  • Once a server is selected, you can see all shares of this server. Optionally you can create a NTFS Permissions Report right off a share.

How To Generate the Share Report

  • First click on Share Report on the Home Screen to start the wizard.
  • In Servers View you’ll see your servers.
  • Form here you can generate a Detailed Share Report of a server or a specific share by selecting it and click the Start button,
  • or even generate a NTFS Permissions Report of a share by clicking on the appropriate button.
  • This Share Report lists all shares on the left and detailed data about one share on the right.
  • Just click a share in the list on the left to show it details.
  • This detailed view shows it’s path, description, current connections, and shows you all share permissions owners.
  • From here you can also start a NTFS Permissions Report to get detailed information about the NTFS Permissions of the underlying folder.
  • Just click the button NTFS Permissions Report to generate the report.

How To Manage the Servers in the List

  • You can add or remove servers from this initial list.

Adding Servers: For adding servers you have several options:

  • You can scan your local network to find servers.
  • You can add server manually. One by one or a bunch in one step.
  • Use Active Directory Browser for Computer Accounts and select a server to add it.
  • Option 1: You can scan the network by clicking on Scan Network icon.

This will rescan the network and add all found servers to the list.

  • Option 2: You can add one or more servers manually by clicking the icon for Add Server.
Now you can add one or more servers manually.
Just enter a server name or enter multiple servers with comma or semicolon.

Click OK to add them to the list.

  • Option 3: You can add one or more servers from Active Directory by clicking Active Directory icon.

This will open the Active Directory Browser that is already filtered for server objects.

Click through the OU structure, select the server you want to add, open the context menu and click Add Server to the add the server.

Once a server is added, click on it to view the shares.

  • Removing Servers: You can remove one or all servers from this list.

To remove a single server select it from your list and open the context menu.

Or click the Remove icon to swipe the entire list.