How to use FolderSecurityViewer


What are Templates?

  • Templates offers a quick way to generate any report by predefined settings.
  • They can be run directly from the list of templates found in Home Screen.

How to Run Templates?

  • Click Templates on the Home Screen.
  • Click on the Triangle sign of the appropriate template to run the report.

How to Create a Template?

  • Templates can be created either during the generation of any report,
  • or by clicking the Plus icon in the list of templates and entering the path manually.

Create a Template during Generating a Report

  • During the creation of a Permissions Report you need to select this checkbox to save the settings to re-use them in future.
  • During the creation of a User Permissions Report you need to select this checkbox to save the settings to re-use them in future.
  • After selecting this checkbox you need to give the template a name:
  • Clicking on OK will bring you back to the appropriate report wizard.
  • Once the report was generated you’ll find the appropriate Template in the list of templates.

Create a Template from the Scratch

  • If you don’t want to run through the report wizard, you can click the Plus sign in the list of templates to create a new template manually.
  • This will show you an empty box.
  • First define the type of the report by clicking any radio button.
  • Then enter the name of the report,
  • followed by the path (either via mapped drive or unc path) of the folder to be analyzed.
  • For Owner Reports and User Permission Reports you’ll need to enter the AD user (SamAccountName) in a further field.
  • Click on OK to save the new template.

How to Edit Templates?

  • Your templates can be edited any time.
  • Just click on the Pencil icon of the appropriate template to edit its details.
  • Change the name, the path, or the user of your template and click on OK to save your changes.
  • Important: You can not change the type of the report!

How to Delete Templates

  • You can delete any template you no longer need with just one click.
  • You can either delete one template by clicking the Cross sign in the row of appropriate template’s row,
  • or you can delete multiple templates by selecting them and click the larger Cross sign at the top of the list.
  • You’ve got asked if you’re sure to delete them. Click OK button to finally remote them.