How to use FolderSecurityViewer

Share Report

What is a Share Report?

  • In Share Report you can scan the network for all servers, add server manually or select Computer Accounts from Active Directory.
  • Once a server is selected, you can see all shares of this server. Optionally you can create a Permissions Report from a share.

How To Generate the Share Report

  • In Servers View you have several options:
  • You can scan your local network.
  • You can add server manually. One by one or a bunch in one step.
  • Use Active Directory Browser for Computer Accounts and select your server.
  • Once a server is selected, the shares are shown in the right pane.
  • Selecting a share from treeview will bring up a detailed view. Besides it's path, description and current connections it will show you all share permissions owners.
  • From a selected share you can start a Permissions Report to get detailed informations about it's NTFS Permissions.
  • Just right click the share and select NTFS Permissions Report.
  • The Share is added to Folders View using it's UNC path and scan for Permissions Report is started automatically.
  • Btw, you can add UNC paths to the Folders View input box! No need to map them to a drive letter.